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Fic Master Post

Hey, I've just created this journal to have a way to consolidate all the fic I've written under skywindsong for different fandoms. Eventually, this post will ideally contain all my fic, organized for you by fandom. So, here we go, masterpost, blah blah.

GleeCollapse )

MerlinCollapse )

Title: (Affection Is) What Drives Someone
Pairing: Kurt/Karofsky
Rating: R
Word count: ~20,000
Warnings/Spoilers: Sexual situations, some emotional abuse, copious amounts of college and hockey talk, spoilers up to 2x10 "A Very Glee Christmas"
Author's Note: Fill for this prompt ages ago on glee_angst_meme, an AU in which Dave is still a hockey player and Kurt is an actual boarder at Dalton (because seriously, RIB, what parent would let their child make a three-hour commute every day?) Title is taken from Shoudou by B'z
From kissing Hummel to hockey, Dave has a tendency to live his life on impulse. Usually, this ends in disaster, but just sometimes it all turns out okay.

Crash, Glee [PG-13] 1/2

Title: Crash
Pairing: one-sided Kurt/Karofsky
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~9,400
Warnings/Spoilers: Up to 2x08 "Furt"
Author's Note: I am currently unspoiled for all future episodes! If you wish to leave a comment, please DO NOT LEAVE ANY SPOILERS. Also, the titles for this series come from the steps involved in the cycle of cocaine withdrawal, indicating that in my universe, Kurt Hummel is apparently the gay equivalent of crack. XD
Sequel to Addiction, installment number two in what I'm tentatively titling the Rehabilitation Saga;
It's Day Five post what Dave's carefully decided to label the Locker Room Incident when it occurs to him Hummel now holds one hell of a blackmail card.

Hummel doesn't tell anyone.Collapse )

Fic: Addiction, Glee [PG-13]

Title: Addiction
Author: skywindsong 
one-sided Kurt/Karofsky
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Up to 2x06 "Never Been Kissed"
Author's Note: Inspired by this picspam. I read the line
"I am of the opinion that [Karofsky] may have used [shoving Kurt into a locker] simply as an excuse to stare at Kurt for a few seconds" and immediately thought "!!!" and "OMW, I have to write this fic!" So I did. While at work. On prescription pads. Between patients.  Like Karofsky in my fic, I'm going to pretend that's not nearly as pathetic as it sounds.
It maybe starts as an excuse to look at Hummel, which  is seriously not as pathetic as it sounds.

Jocks like Dave don't have a lot of acceptable reasons to stare at the gay kid, okay?Collapse )